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Complete Privacy Policy

Personal data collected for Cloud (sync and backup)

To access to features provided by the Turbo Alarm cloud (alarms backup, real-time syncronization,...) the user needs to be registered.

The authentication is done via Google API Services, specifically Google Sign-In. The data collected by Turbo Alarm to identify the user is the minimum possible to be able to identify the users unequivocally, like the email, the name and surname and the generated Firebase user identifier of the Google account. This information is stored in the Turbo Alarm server (

The user can decide to use Turbo Alarm cloud services to store the alarms, tags and app configuration as backup to synchronize them automatically between devices.

The data shared between Turbo Alarm server and user's devices is secured via HTTPS protocol.

The data will be stored for five years since the last time the user uses the application. Moreover, the deleted alarms and tags will be stored for one year since deletion for synchronization purpose.

Turbo Alarm collects the Android ID to identify each user's device to synchronise the data collected between them. For instance, when an alarm is modified in an user's device the other user devices are notified to download the new alarm data from the Turbo Alarm server.

The message between devices and Turbo Alarm server does not contain any personal user information more than the device identifier; they are only used to trigger the synchronization of data between specific devices and Turbo Alarm servers using Firebase Cloud Messaging service (Firebase privacy policy).

The data shared between Turbo Alarm servers and user’s devices is secured via HTTPS.

Weather data

Turbo Alarm will use the user location to provide the weather forecast for the time when the alarms go off. As an alternative the users can set their preferred location manually, in this way Turbo Alarm stops requesting the user location.

The application uses the server to retrieve the weather forecast for the place specified by the user (manually set or using the user current location). This feature can be disabled at any time in the settings.

User interaction tracking data

Turbo Alarm uses Firebase Analytics to know how the users interact with the app. The data collected about how the users interact with the app is doing in an anonymous way.

This helps to improve the user experience in next versions. Moreover, Firebase Analytics helps to collect the crashes of the application which helps a lot to improve the stability of the app in next versions.

Android Permissions


Turbo Alarm will never use the camera to take pictures or recorder video, it only will use the flash to wake the user up when the torch option is active.


The 'Read Phone State' permission is used to know if the user is on a call when the alarm is going to ring in this way the alarm will not disturb the user that is in a conference.


The user's location is used to show the weather forecast of the zone where the user is positioned. Another alternative is to use a configured position that the user can set in the settings of the app.

Files and media

Turbo alarm needs this permission to access to the songs, playlists or folders selected by the user as a alarm ringtone.

Moreover, this permission is also used to adapt the colors of the user interface to the current wallpaper when the alarm rings.

Physical activity

Turbo alarm needs this permission for the security alarm to work because the security alarm feature uses the data provided by Google about if the user is in movement (wich means that the user is not sleeping) to automatically deactivate the security alarm


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